15 May 2016

Stitching Lady's next top model

I am starting a new cardigan

I need a project for the near holidays - 
Did you ever hear of Drops wool and design. I have the chance that I found a shop
where I could see and feel the wool (and it is 100% new wool), 
at a very good budget price compared to other brands.The wool is coming from Norway - 
I was told that the pattern and description are absolutely reliable.
So - I will go to knit now.


  1. enjoy your knitting wonder where you are off to for your holiday, have a good time

  2. Such a soft, gentle colour. Happy knitting.

  3. Yes,Drops is also known to me. But I've not tried it yet,will check it in the shop and see if it is affordable.Yarns are really pricey here.

  4. What a lovely colour. Enjoy your knitting. Where are you going on holiday.

  5. I like Norwegian wool; lovely colour :-)

  6. Hi Anneliese, how are you? You have chosen such a beautiful soft colour for your knitting.....I love it. I hope everything is good with you and your family....xxx