23 May 2016

Quadruple disappearing nine-patch -

Was passiert, wenn ich öfters als zweimal durchschneide?
What happens when I cut more than two times?

ich versuche verschiedene Möglichkeiten -
trying out different possibilities

Eine andere Farbkombination

Different colours - how would this look?

Das Lila-Rot ist mir zu stark in der ersten Version

I don't like the purple of my first version

Wenig rot mehr blau gefällt mir besser.

I like better less red and a bit more blue

Es sind Versuchsblocks. Ich habe noch keine Idee, wie es weitergeht und ob ich überhaupt
damit weitermache oder ob es wie vieles in der Schublade landet.

I have not the slightest idea how it will go on or if I will make something of these samples.
It might disappear in the drawer as many other things.
And thank you, Margaret (Margiestitcher) for this idea and the "how-to":here

Und jetzt verlinke ich ich zum ersten Mal mit: http://moderncolognequilter.blogspot.de


      1. wow you have done well here looks much better without white, what size did you start with? It is such fun to do have done some more myself too

      2. The fun is in moving the blocks around until you find the right setting. Enjoy playing with your beautiful blocks.

      3. I like the blues, too. You're having fun with all the possibilities. ;-)