13 May 2016

My necklace and a group of needle lace trees

It is made of fabric beads - fabric (I told already in a previous post)
DD offered me after a journey to Istanbul
I made rather long beads - it is all one fabric - it has stripes - so I cut
them in a way to get esmerald green beads and red and turquoise ones -
Magnetic fastening

Just coincidentially the group of trees - needle lace - show the same 
colours - my hands did it without me thinking to do this choice.

Birches and other trees - with very imaginative leaves

Some bullion bushes - some roots ----

I wish you a sunny and happy Pentecost weekend.


  1. If I didn't know the beads were made of Turkish fabric I'd think they were enamel beads. Fantastic sheen and colour combination.
    The clump of trees, too are so cleverly made and the choice of colours are just perfect.
    You, too, have a good Pentecost weekend.

  2. your fabric beads have worked so well as a necklace and your needlelace is beautifully done Anneliese so many talents you have

  3. Love the colours in the beads and your need lace trees are stunning.

  4. Your beads look fabulous, and I really like your trees!

  5. Your beads are beautiful - so clever! I love your trees too, especially the tiny birches.

  6. Love the needlelace trees and such nice colours to match your pretty necklace

  7. I love your necklace and the embroidery!

  8. Thank you for your lovely comment Anneliese! I love your beads, they are sumptuous, and your grove of trees that looks like it grew there.

  9. Pretty necklace and those fabric beads are fabulous.Lovely trees especially the variegated ones