20 Oct 2013

Cousins - framed

Phototransfer with lavender oil
Brother and sister - above - and below the cousin

I went to the copyshop and asked them to mirror the photos and print them with the color photo copier (laser printer does not work as well).
For the transfer on fabric I turned the photos face down, treated them with lavender oil - a thin layer should do - no puddles! Carefully rub the surface with the back of a spoon until the transfer on the fabric can be seen when you lift one corner, always holding the photo in place with your other hand. When everything is dry iron it under a baking paper with your iron put to the appropriate temperature for your fabric. 

If you should try this use a quality lavender oil.
They still smelled of lavender even after lying around in my stash for three years or so. Very pleasant and meaningful - for the photos were taken in Croatia where everything is smelling lavender and rosemary

The necklace stitched - mainly bullion knots
The hair - just a few lines of stem stitches

a bunch of algae and in the background a little island
They are my grandies and a few years older now. I finally decided
to frame these little patches and put them on the wall.


  1. what a marvellous thing to do Anneliese, I have never come across using lavender oil but it has certainly worked and love how you have added the stitching, these really are beautiful. I must copy your idea, take it the photo has to be done on a laser printer, I have to go to staples on monday as I bought some bull dog clips and they are the wrong size so will take a photo with me and see what they can do. .

  2. What a wonderful idea Anneliese, I've never heard of using lavender oil for transfer.( It is my favourite too, I must try this.) A beautiful keepsake for your family. Thank you for sharing.

  3. It's wonderful, Anneliese, you clever girl :-)

  4. I had to google this technique to understand how it works. THAT it works is something you have proved in these beautiful pieces. Love the added stitching!

  5. Like the others said, I have not heard of using lavender oil for transferring the photo to fabric. It has worked beautifully, and I like how you have added just a little embroidery.

  6. Anneliese these are just wonderful. I too have never heard of the lavender oil, but it has worked and the images have lasted. Thank you for sharing your treasured pictures you have embellished of your grandchildren.

  7. I've used various forms of transferring over the years but I've never come across the use of lavender oil for it, it would smell so much better than oil of wintergreen. Nice touch with the embroidery.

  8. They are lovely. Glad that you got them out of hiding. I love the addition of the stitches.

  9. I see more and more photo transfers popping up all the time. Would really like to try this! Stitching on the copied photograph will be a really neat thing to try.

  10. I am loving the combination of the hand stitching and the photo transfers. I have used orange oil (gooey remover stuff) to transfer and it works okay too. They look fantastic all framed up and it is probably a great feeling to dig them out of the box and finish them off at last!! Well done.

  11. I love how these look. The photos are memories but the embroidery makes it look like the moment is happening right now.


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