29 May 2016

Just in time .....

.... to find those beautiful girls in traditional costumes -
they waited for their song performance in this small church in
Ogulin - we made a stop here on our way to the island
of Hvar..
They posed in less than a second when I asked them if I may take a photo.
Probably used to be in focus.

 DH thinks that married women are wearing white an black

We entered to listen a bit
DH thinks that married women are wearing blak and white costumes
This is a special happening of the church in Karlovac

the church

and the fortress in this little town

Helpings are not small in restaurants - so we share this "Cremeschnitte" -
one plate, two forks, one dessert.


  1. such beautiful costumes the ladies are wearing. Desert look so tasty too

  2. You got eye candy (costumes), ear candy (music) and mouth candy (cremeschnitte).

  3. Ogulin looks beautiful. Good timing to see the ladies in traditional costumes.

  4. Looks like a beautiful quaint villages. Those ladies look great in their folk costumes and I love the village scenes you have photographed. Also love the look of that dessert!