28 Apr 2016

Cups - not to drink of

They are wall cups! - still not hanging but lying on the floor
of the new kitchen.

And now what to do? I started to make fabric beads - from 
a fabric which was offered to me by DD who bought it in Istanbul.
It has a a very eye-catching shine. I think they sold it to her as silk
but it is probably viscose.
It is slippery so I am working with steam-a-seam (or Wonder-Under)
which is working very well.


  1. Oh my, beautiful fabric. You could do a burn test to see if it smells like silk burning. But no matter, it is making lovely beads. Good solution to use a fusible to make it hold.

  2. A good collection of charming cups, be they on the table, wall or floor!
    Fabulous fabric, and if you are making beads you don't need to tihink about what material they are, as they will probably never be washed. Don't forget to show us the completed necklace.

  3. loving this wall hanging or maybe floor covering and impressed with your quilting. Beads look good too not easy working with slippy fabric but you are doing a great job

  4. I like your cups wallhanging, sweet :-)
    I look forward to more of your beads,

  5. Love the cups, Anneliese! The fabric beads look wonderful too!

  6. Gorgeous fabric beads--such a nice shine. Love your cups wallhanging, too!