6 Feb 2016

On the same day

Up in the mountains - at a height of 800 m looks like winter
Snowy meadows down to 600 m.

And on the same afternoon back again - where we a renovating.

The table in the afternoon sun waiting for warm days

crocusses in a corner of the garden


the afternoon sun from the west


Wavy arrow stitches on a nine-patch which is going

to be a wall hanging



  1. So many crocus'! Lovely. The hazelnut tree is lovely - are those the pollen tassels? They are fatter than my pecan tree tassels. I get a lovely yellow dye from the tassels. I just soaked them for a week in a galvanized bucket and then let silk sit in the bucket for another week.

  2. my first bulbs of Spring have started to bloom....Narcissus. so nice to see flowers when Winter is still here.

  3. What an amazing garden of crocus. They are so beautiful.
    I once grew about 8 flowers which died out within a few years.

    The snowy scene looks great but I think too cold for me.

    Thank you for the link to this blog. I'll visit more.

  4. Love the crocus, and that snowy scene.

  5. that snow looks so crisp but nice to look at rather than have here in my garden! Good to see so may signs of spring lower down. Nine patch looks good and the embroidery will make it super good

  6. ... aber in der Zwischenzeit ist der Schnee hier oben fast ganz verschwunden. Wunderschön zu sehen, was bei euch unten schon alles blüht. Hier wagen sich die ersten kleinen Primeln heraus, mehr nicht.