5 Oct 2015

It is not tatting - river Ognon

Once more the lace.

Thanks to :Diane and Deanna.....

I know now that this excellent lace is crocheted.

---- Question ---- And the circles?

and the flower - might there be needle-lace involved?


We do a little walking or biking every day - here to the bridge

and back - We like to look how waters of the small river Ognon

are changing - is it higher or lower - are there fish in it -

Our children and their friends started a kayak tour two years ago

from here to the next town Villersexel.

It wouldn't be possible now - the level is too low.

I do not know much about kayaking - they would probably have to

carry their kayaks a little further.




  1. i say it is all crochet, Anneliese. a crochet stitch is done right around the rings and the petals in the flower are a combination of double and treble crochets.
    you are surrounded by such beauty in the area you live. how lucky you were to have those views on your walks.

  2. I think the flower is in crochet too.

  3. this circles look a bit like tatting or even dorset buttons without the fancy middles but are probably neither! Looks a lovely place to stroll or bike to i would be strolling not ridden a bike for must be nearly 40 years!