28 Sep 2015

Spider-web - a bag - fleamarket and a souvenir

Work of a busy spider - does she want to catch some insect?
I amsure it is a she...
See our rusted gate - that's why we call the farmhouse a villa

The bag:

As it was before - lying about

as it is now around my hip or on the shoulder

It accompanied me to the vide-grenier - fleamarket - marché aux puces

and there not only old rubbish but also goodies to eat

Sausages on the vide-grenier

And then my true find - lovely old lace - for near to nothing

This one is tatted - old but without any flaw.

Tatted lace
I am not sure how the left one was made

it it so delicate and fine



Detail of tatted lace
How long a young lady or a woman sat to make it -
so many years ago - and I get it for 1 (one) Euro!
More lace - can you hear my scream of delight, Karen?


And then the souvenir of Hvar, Croatia, with

daughter - granddaughter - and happy grandparents

Meanwhile I washed and damp stretched the pieces

of lace - and they came out wonderfully.

Now, what to do with them - just look at them?

I will certainly keep the tatted girdle-like one complete

as it is.



  1. Fabulous post. Lovely photo of your family and I am so impressed with your spider!
    I think the girdle-like piece is actually Irish crochet. I tat and crochet and those don't look like tatting stitches to me. It is a wonderful find and I'm so glad you are going to leave it in one piece. It would be charming used as a edge hanging along a kitchen shelf piled high with antique dishes. Farm house chic.

  2. yes....Diane is correct. that piece is crochet. you really 'struck gold' with those finds. that netted lace is absolutely gorgeous. your bag is just beautiful and i'm sure you'll make good use of it and probably get lots of complements along the way.
    great capture of that spider web.

  3. Yes, yes, :Diane and Deanne - it is crochet. I made close photos and will post it soon.
    Thank you both for your expert opinion -

  4. the spiders have been very busy I was out early the other day with the camera!
    Your bag transformation has worked so well and hopefully you will get more use from it now. The lace is a great find. Good to see the family photo too

  5. Spider webs are so fascinating and beautiful. Love your reconstructed bag, no wonder you are finding it so useful.
    I am green with envy over your beautiful "finds". I have some old laces and although I have used some I like to just "look" at the others...however mine are not as outstanding as yours.

  6. I love the lace! I have a boxful too, just sitting there. I keep thinking I should do something with it....