7 Oct 2015

A visit in the Swiss mountains

The village Gryon in the mountains

very narrow and steep - the protestant church

The door was open, unusual for protestant churches -


Everything is old but so well looked after - clean and cherrished

After walking up-hill for half an hour we arrived at this farm

Look at this backdrop - and modern youth making a selfie



Next day - Sunday - At nine in the morning view from the terrace

the mists are rising - so a fair chance for fine weather


and we had it the "emperor weather" - which means blue blue skies


We made again a little tour ...

Grass is getting coloured

Shingle roof - it belongs to a farm complex high up. Also the

chimney is shingled


At the parking lot

Wolves - cut out of wooden boards

And finally the happy family - at least part of it.



  1. Lovely, it is a very long time since I have been in Switzerland.

  2. i call these 'fairy tale' pictures....absolutely delightful. and you have a beautiful family.

  3. Lovely photo of the family Anneliese. What beautiful scenery and delightful old buildings. ditto dianna....real fairy tale pics.

  4. what a beautiful oldie worldie village well worth the climb

  5. Lovely pictures, Anneliese :-)
    Of course it is clean, it is Switzerland ;-)

  6. Lovely sights and good looking family!