17 Sep 2015

Bags and a natural pouch in lavender

Hip bags - yes

The outside is looking nice - the backing with its zipper
is made of a polyester material - it is not nice to work with.
But it can't bbe seen, because it is the inside
Nearly finished
and then finished. It is ok for keys and sun glasses
but more would not fit in.

It made me think I need something bigger. so here it is.

A crazy-velvet bag - which I never took out to somewhere

I am too tall for such kind of bags. But the creation was fun

It is old - at least 10 years.


I said "excuse me" to the really nice bag and cut the handles off.

It will be more useful in the future.

Now I am working at it to make another hipbag. don't ask me

how much work and imagination this means. I am using

black linen to make up the belt.....

What a nice little pouch among the lavender. Some

insect made a lovely home for its small ones - I believe.




  1. Both the bags are beautiful. I like the crazy patch one a little bit more :-)

  2. Love the little insect pouch most of all!

  3. such a useful bag, like you I use poly cotton in the inside of most of my bags.Today I was out photoing spiders webs the spiders were so busy overnight!