16 Sep 2015

More of the Quilt Triennial

"The man" - nothing happens without him - took the following photos

Photo above: 16-years-old prize winner Theresa Russow, Germany,
made the quilt top left -
sorry, sorry, it is so far away. You might find it later-on in a magazine.
It is quite a sensation. She won 1000 €

Of course I would have photographed also the names

so - I am sorry neither to know the authors by name nor the titles


Again something for me:


Everything on the third floor of the little restored church


Details would be so good to see .... but helas - it is like it is.

on the gallery

The quilt downstairs on the left side is the prize winner no. 2 -

for innovation in a large format - Click in this post I showed a

detail - it is by Urte Hanke, Germany.

The Jury was set up of ladies from 5 different countries.

For me it is somehow worrying and I feel strange about it

- all three prize winners are from Germany.

I don't know how others feel about this.







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  1. Looks like a lot of very interesting quilts. Great setting for a show!