14 Sep 2015

Contemporary - 6th European Quilt Triennial

6. Europäische Quilt-Triennale in Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen

click for more information. It is running till the end of the year.

I show you only a few of 46 wall hangings - don't be disappointed


more photos will come soon.


In this little old church the exhibitons are displayed. There are three

floors. We are sitting in the middle.

....on the gallery and were

looking down.

Looking up one can see the fantastic roof timbering

of the little church - so well restored.

And it is here on top where I saw the well-known "hand" of

Elsbeth Nusser Lampe.

Sosme Flowers - Eslbeth Nusser-Lalmpe, Germany

Above and below: It is one of my favorites.

I made a class with Elsbeth some three years ago

together with my patchwork friends -

so no wonder I feel drawn to it - it was a wonderful class.

The panels are beautifully sewn.


Mellowo Yellow - Elizaabeth Brimelow, England

Love that one - I saw real good silk, lovely colours

shapes out of the garden - I could live with this one

for years I think.


Anco Brouwers-BranderCrossing Borders: Africa - Anco Brouwers-Brandenhorst, Netherlands.

Crossing Borders: Africa, 2014


Do you like it? I do - I love the colours and the immense work.
It is much larger than shown on the photo above.
Patchwork - Quilt - love the open seams and the black quilting.


And here at once

is the winner of the show of 45 exhibits.

Luftschloss - Susanne Klinke, Germany

The Escher-like contruction is very well sewn - my

compliments - the addition - very contemporary - albeit

very well made, coloured pieces of tulle made up the faces

handsewn together on a fluffy background.

She won the 1. prize. You can see a glimpse of Susanne Klinke

on the right. She just changed to the other side when I pressed the


I am making quilts, too, and I want to live with them.

I would not necessarily allow political themes around me.


Why do you think I like this? This detail? A lovely

way to insert a piece of lace into good old real patchwork.

I don't need what was on the left and right side of it. But

lets say it is contemporary.

There are about 40 more objects - many of them printed,

painted, on gaze, some were meticulously sewn - with

quilting machines, collaged, three dimensional.

Gabi Mett made a wall hanging with many cards:

Only part of it is on my photo - It was so crowded there

II could not be in the proper distance to take it all.


Erzählt mir eure Geschichten - Gabi Mett, Germany



Only a small detail of this rather large quilt, sewn (quilted)

all over - it looked like one black piece of fabric. However,

there could have been seams. The wall hanging is rather large

and I had again the problem of the distance.

I assume it was done on a longarm quilting machine.


Struktur und Raum 4 - Urte Hanke, Germany

Awe-inspiring! The note says: Cotton, painted with acrylic paint

... 178 x 181 cm. so you can imagine how large this is.


I will stop here -

The shown exhibits are textile works of art created

in excellent craftmanship -

Sparkling wine was offered - we did not drink any -

having to drive home about 50 km.

Back along the river Neckar direction Heidelberg.

A narrow valley - I took the photo through the closed car window

at a speed of 70 kmh. Well done my little iPhone!!!


We reached Heidelberg and I could catch a photo of the very

famous old bridge looking back - all through the car window at a

speed of 50 kmh.

More photos will come soon ....




  1. what a beautiful place foe the exhibition, so many wonderful pieces but the flower panels get my vote, how lucky you were to go on a workshop with such a talented lady

  2. What a wonderful experience for you to see all those amazing quilts in that beautiful old church building. You must have come away so inspired.

  3. i loved them all. that winning quilt was outstanding. great images. since i got my iphone, i don't ever use my camera.

  4. wow what a wonderful inspiring quilts!

  5. I will go there too, sure. Thanks for these impressions.

  6. I love the quilt made of panels of flowers, beautiful.

  7. Very nice excibition photos. So you are back to Germany. I will be on Hvar soon. I will think of you.