1 Aug 2015

My pocket

A pocket which I started when Karens Ruane's class "swathed in stitch"

was still running - and then a long interval of no sewing.

But I finished it at last.

The piece of white machine-made lace

- broderie anglaise - was part of the christening robe

of our daughter - when she was a three months old sweet baby.

It was hanging long from the arm of her goduncle who carried her to

the altar in church nearly exactly 49 years ago.

I stitched yellow and green embellishments on it. There is a strip of

yellowish-greenish fabric fixed with French knots and buttonhole stitches.

Fly stitches into the holes.

I made bumps which I learned from Karen. And points of

fine handkerchiefs, cutting them apart mercilessly.


It is hanging at the shutter of our farmhouse.

We are awaiting new neighbours for coffee and cake



They came and we had a lovely talk.

Then we made a walk - oh my, how lovely this tree is with its moss.

We are looking on a neighbour's farm - about 900 m high.


Farmers can't have more than 25 cows - there is not enough

pastureland. They sell the milk and are producing cheese -

Münsterkäse. They are very much supported by the state

as no family can live of only 25 cows, not in France and nowhere else

in Europe.













  1. oh your pouch turned out beautifully. will you keep it? such beautiful land surrounds you.

  2. such a pretty pocket and love how you have used the lace from the christening robe.
    Looks like you were having a fun time with the neighbours, good to see someone has nice weather to sit out in here it is wet and cold

  3. Absolutely beautiful pocket - just delightful!

  4. Pretty little embroidery :-)
    You have a lovely view from your house. Interesting fact about the farmers.

  5. I love the old idea of a detachable pocket!myours is really lovely and so sentimental too with DD's christening robe lace. beautiful job , Anneliese. Just what we have all come to expect from you:-)

  6. Your pocket is such a lovely keepsake with fond memories. You are living in beautiful surroundings Anneliese. How unusual the farmers can only keep 25 cows. How nice to enjoy the scenery and weather with your new neighbours.