5 Aug 2015

Stitches and a bird's nest

Some stitches around some holes - I even made feather

stitches - the first stitch of the new Tast stitches of SharonB

In fact I want to do some sumptious surface embroidery -

many more stitches will have to be done -

When we cut back some shrubs DH found this nest. I love

nests of birds and I keep them for a while.

I put this one on top of the stone heap - which DH put together

so beautifully - the stones of a broken-out window in our house

Nature is taking over the empty nest -

it is a hedge bindweed (Calylstegia sepium) - Zaunwinde

I wonder how it will look in a few weeks - the green invader will

certainly hold it firmly on the stones.





  1. Two sumptuous surfaces in this post. Your embroidery and nature embroidering the empty nest. Both beautiful and full of expectation.

  2. loving your embroidery piece Anneliese this is going to be a real beauty. What a good idea with the nest wonder what nested in it as it looks quite big

  3. Love your stiching, Anneliese.

  4. This stitching is looking good, and has promise of something wonderful. I like birds nests too, they are all little miracles of design and work.

  5. such a beautiful array of stitches. maybe a bird will use your nest or do they always build them new?