25 Jul 2015


No, no. This is not good. I have to redo it.
Well, this is so conventional, but as I started it I am going to

finish it as a small wallhanging
Everything what I did here had to be undone. The
romboid shape did not fit in. It was the time when children
were with us.

And here I assembled not very exact. Seeing the photo I thought:

no, no, please faster and I switched over to machine joining.

This is just a layout and a photo to retrace my decision

which lasted 3 days at least. Picture taken on a very old

table cloth which I wanted to cut apart to make a bag-

I can't - I feel it would be cruel - at least for now.


I finally assembled the necklace - I was long searching for

glass beads - and ordered them. But did not pay attention

and they turned out to be of plastic - but ok. I can live with it.

The glass beads can hardly be seen except of their

interior which looks like a long white bead. And I gifted myself

with a silver shell in the middle.

The crocheted turquois flower is made in a spiral.


Now we are in our holidays - in the mountains and look

what greeted us in our farmhouse: Hydrangeas of an exquisite


the grass - the grass -- so dry because of the heat

And... I am still knotting - just hearts because I want to

learn the change of colours

A mistake! one dark grey thread too little...

Better. And I am proud of my endings.

braided with four double threads or knurled.

The blue light green one shows cat heads ---- looks more like fox

I like the weaved character.

I had to be cruel with this little maple tree - if it is not a maple

tree then please tell me (I found also sycamore or hybrid plane


One third is growing above the ground - two thirds are deep inside.

If you don't pull them out in time you will never be able to. At

least not by hand. You might use a bagger or something.

I learnt it from our former young neighbour Nicole who was born

in the Vosges.
















  1. Your hearts are great. Reminded me - Do you know the knotted artwork of Diane Itter? You can google for her bio and images. Fantastic design work with just nylon cord.

    Pecan tree seedlings are the same! Squirrels bury them in the garden and by the time you see the leaves above the flowers and hedges, it's much too late to pull them up. The taproot goes all the way to China.

    So I have a LOT of tiny trees in my yard that I keep pruning down to the ground.

  2. Uph, this is a hectic post, LOL! Decisions! The necklace looks nice :-)
    I think you were right to pull out the young tree, you would end up with a very large one!
    Hydrangeas are so good, they grow anywhere, I like them.

  3. not nice having to unpick, it seems to take for ages but your plan for the half square triangles is well worth unpicking, have not made any blocs by hand apart from EPP ones. Your jewellery and knotting are both good too. Love the hydrangea I have 3 in my garden two very similar to yours and one has the bigger petals on but that is not in flower yet. Enjoy your holiday

  4. Happy World Embroidery Day!! It's a day to promote creativity, embroidery and a peaceful movement. All the best :)