13 Jul 2015

Very simple pattern

That's what I started with scraps

to occupy my hands while talking with family - friends or
watching TV -

Joining by hand is so calming - it will take much time

but there is no deadline

Mila (10) learnt how to make the friendship bracelet knots

I - the grandmother - started the one below - it is a bit
more complicated. I am often using the blunt needle to
unpick wrong knots.

Our town Karlsruhe is constructing the sub-tramway

It looks like that. Nevertheless the 300th birthday-

celebrations are going on.

The hanging house with its roots down from the bottom (I showed
it in the last post) is being placed on a metal construction during night.
A guy is watching over it all day long and manipulating the house
by crane, turning it into different positions.

No accident below with the Volkswagen VW but ...

an installation.

And Karlsruhe the castle by night with the crowd of people

without us.




  1. love a half square triangle quilt so many ways of arranging those triangles, enjoy your hand stitching. the friendship bracelet is coming along well, not tried the technique myself. Amazed at the house being placed by those cranes, this must mean it has no foundations trust it will not blow away in the wing!! See you have signed up for the new tast I must keep up this time well try to at least.

  2. The hanging house? Did I miss something, I can't see anything about it in your last post.
    I like the block you are making, hand stitching is so therapeutic :-)