17 Jul 2015

Here it is - the hanging house

In Karlsruhe -

It is in the frame of Karlsruhe's (Germany) 300th birthday celebration
an artist whose name I don't know made this installation.
You see the roots ....... out of the bottom
Ich kenne den Namen des Künstlers dieser Installation nicht.
Die Wurzeln hängen aus dem Hausboden heraus und es schwebt
ca. 15 m über der Strasse.
Was es bedeuten soll? Keine Ahnung. Sicher sollen die Leute von
den grossen Baustellen abgelenkt werden und lieber in die Luft gucken.

I can't tell anything about the meaning of it

It is hanging about 15 m above the ground. Passers-by are

staring up and probably hope that the crane will hold it safely.

And they are distracted from the great construction sites which are

all over Karlsruhe.






  1. amazing. i didn't realize it was just an installation that was created until now. thanks for posting these images.

  2. this is certainly the first time I have seen a hanging house, I can see it distracts the eye from an unslightly building site

  3. Home is where your roots are. Certainly an interesting sight.


  4. This is quite incredible! :-)