3 Jul 2015

Our entrance

Patchwork friends made this for me 20 years ago.

See our hedges now ---- and see how much DH cut off

inspite of his wrapped thumb.

I am further dabbling in friendship bracelets - not actually needing

the bracelets but the knotting techniques.

There are knots like: right-right, left-left, right-left, left right.

I tried all of them not at this piece but the next one

which will follow in a few days.



  1. Please no exhausting work during this heat period, friendship bracelets is the best you can do.

  2. that looks interesting Anneliese, it must take a lot of concentration

  3. Also, Drazen is being very naughty to be doing all that hedge cutting with his wrapped thumb. Hope it doesnt get infected......smack him on the hand for me and say naughty boy.
    Your wreath is a nice reminder of your friends.

  4. Your DH has a sore thumb instead of a green thumb but the garden still looks good. Knotting and macrame seems to be all back in fashion again.

  5. good to know the thumb must be feeling better and the hedges are getting a trim. Friendship bracelet is coming along well and the 20 year old wreath still looks like new.

  6. haven't done macrame in years!