7 Jun 2015

We ate for good bye

A Croatian dish "zljevka" - made of a pancake batter

The long wanted magazine - I found it and bought

it - It appears twice a year - if you have it sent to you

from USA to lets say Europe you will pay about .... ????

in any case unreasonably high shipping costs.


What a surprise - at home the Christmas star survived

and the cherries start to ripen -


I am sitting under the tree enjoying the shade -

we are having a very hot period 35°/95°F - unusual for June.








  1. Well, lucky you! We are having such cold nights here :-(
    Welcome back :-)

  2. our temps have also been close to 90 every day but that is what it is like here this time of year until September, at least. how wonderful it must be to be able to pick cherries.

  3. enjoy your stay at home before you are off on the travels again! We had 2 lovely days but back to the cloud and cold winds again now typical British weather!

  4. I have managed to find UK supplier of this lovely magazine :-) Thank you for putting it on your blog!