6 Jun 2015

Still Somerville, Mass.

Trees can be strong


I was wondering about the meaning of this sculpture.

The woman standing on the left is looking at the man on the right

who has a friendly face looking down at the kneeling young man

who seems to stretch himself. Maybe I will find out one day.

From the city guide:

Also in 1996 bronze "masks" were added to the statues. Steven Post states, “the statues were meant to be ‘temporary’ in that they were not made of bronze. Vandals destroyed some of the faces of the statues over the years, so the artist and the city decided to replace the faces with the bronze ‘mask’ that the statues all now ‘wear’.”[4]

Mila after our walk.


I prepared this post on Mai 24, but could not send it

because of health problems




  1. hope you are feeling better now, Anneliese.

  2. sorry to read you have been unwell Anneliese, I just thought you were having such a good time with the family that there was no time to blog. Take care my friend do not overdo the gadding about.

  3. Hope you are fully recovered now Anneliese.