16 Mar 2015


Do you know that you can make beads of fabric - fabric beads

You cut strips of about 3 cm width and 10 - 12 cm length

and a narrow strip of Vliesofix

and stick it lengthwise to the fabric strip,

fold the strip into half from both long sides to the middle. Carefully

iron it - maybe under baking paper,

and start to roll it into a bead - then make stitches to fasten the roll.

These can be embroidery stitches or invisible stitches.

Example of beads


I embellished my beads with embroidery stitches - and sewed little

beads on, as well. You could also embellish the fabric beads with

narrow braids

Embellished fabric beads


Beads not needed at the moment

You can also sew narrow braids around.

I mixed my embellished fabric beads with glass beads.

I chose a magnetic closure - the silvery bead.


The idea comes from the book of EVA MARIA MAIER.

There are fantastic, romantic and poetic ideas in her book

POESIE DER KLEINEN DINGE (the book is written in German).

If you are interested please google it.

It can be bought at Amazon. The book







  1. Nice beads, thanks for sharing how you make them!

  2. wonderful beads. love the embroidery you've done on some of them. i did make these years ago with fabric and with paper. i save the long, narrow plastic covers on the dental picks i buy to clean teeth. i cut off one end and just wrap the fabric around it and it then has a ready made hole where you can string a pretty thick cord or ribbon. i like the way you mixed the real beads with the fabric ones. it's beautiful.

  3. A very creative idea! Here is a good way to make use of TAST stitches. By adding 'real' beads you get some weight and the necklace must hang beautifully. Bravo!

  4. lovely idea to mix fabric and real beads..the necklace is so beautiful ! Thanks for sharing

  5. I love the fact that you adorned the fabric beads and didn't just leave them plain. Very nice indeed.


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