8 Mar 2015

My pin pillow in action

I know, I know, the majority of orderly stitchers will

be horrified at the sight of my - very practical - pin-pillow.

I am not - I need all those threads instantly,
for a project which is very coloured,
I need threaded needles also with short threads in them
to make all those knots and bullion stitches all over
this future cover cloth.

It is a morphling! It changes its face each time I take it
into my hands.
I am making this as well - another project inspired by the class
of Karen Ruane - Swathed in Stitch. For this I need only white thread,
white cotton a broder, a little light blue thread for the hexagons.
And embroidery floss in purple.
It is nearly finished here. I pulled out the inner cushion which
will be stuffed with lavender when there will be fresh one.
For now I stuffed it with polyester filling to give it volume for the photo.
Enjoy the warmer temperatures - spring is near!




  1. ha....i laughed when i saw your pin cushion. i have several and one evening this week i straightened them all out. they were much worse than what you are showing here. i know they will not stay neat and tidy but that's the way it is with pin cushions.

  2. Not horrified at all, mine look like that too.

  3. Your pin cushion is proof of your hard work with the it's-ever-changing-its-look project. Embroidery does so much to change the appearance of the foundation fabric. Your little lavender cushion is charming, and will smell great once you change the polyester wadding for dried flowers.

  4. I have several pin cushions that look just like yours! What a lovely lavender pillow you're creating.

  5. Actually - it is a very idea to have all those needles and threads ready. Why didn't I think of that? LOL

  6. lovely to see your gorgeous pouch again Annaliese....I also have many needles threaded at once. It makes life so much easier. I got your mail about the slow internet.....I know how irritating that can be. I do hope you are back to normal now???