17 Mar 2015

A wool bin

Ten days in France - you remember - "house of renovation"

DH has lots to do - and I have to decide still in the base camp

what to take with me.

My basement cupboard is a rich repository of

old fabrics bought by the kilo in a village in Germany,

Gommersheim. It was there where I started to build my stashes

20 years ago which - by the way - I will never be able to use up in seven lives.

A new basket - very fast to make

But how good - I always find something which goes well with something


Order for the crochet yarn skeins

I took with me colourful crochet yarn - cotton

The mouse

and started to crochet little things.

The mouse in grey - I found those figures in internet

The chicken

The chicken is brighter - and thank you "Attic24" for this


The monster

And I love the monster - I found everything in internet -

At Ravelry they call it ugly bunny....




  1. I love these animals, Anneliese. I am tagging this post for future reference!

  2. Lovely collection of little crochet. I also like the wool basket.

  3. Cute creatures. I made my box initially at 18" X15" and so it turned out big. I thought that's what my daughter wanted. I will give it to her at Easter. Thanks for the link and yes, it was super easy. I shall be making more - but a bit smaller I think.

  4. wow....love your little critters.....and the basket. i have a thing for baskets. can't ever have too many of those. i made one with a handle this week and gave it to someone in my knitting class who admired mine and wanted to know where i bought it. it's nice to give a gift you know will be appreciated.

  5. Sometimes I don't want to open the cupboard to look at my stash - I have much more than I have time for!
    You have made good use of some fabric for the beautiful wool-bin. Enjoy your time in France and be busy making more lovely toys.

  6. love your little basket of wool and your mouse is so much cuter than the real thing!!

  7. I wrote a comment and Google disappeared it. My stash of fabric is embarrassing. Maybe I need to do some of these fabric bins (and lots of other things) your little crochet items are very cute. I love the work the lady does on Attic 24

  8. love the colours of your little bin. The balls of wool look good in it. You have been busy with your little crochet projects

  9. What fun knitting! Love the fabric bag.

  10. ooops, crochet, not knit.


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