28 Feb 2015

Morning Glory Book Cover

My interpretation of the Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, USA

It is a pool with hot water that is coloured by the heat loving algae growing on it.

The name was given because of its resemblance to a morning glory flower.

The colours are smashing in nature (and on my picture)


I used a very coloured home-dyed fabric, very blue piece of lint fabric

and covered it with a coloured piece of Lutradur -

sewed around it in tentacle and other shapes, cut out pieces to show the "tentacles"

and embellished it with handstitches and very few beads.

I was searching for something to make a book cover and found it in my box

of little works. It was there for about 6 years.


And here it is - the bookcover - by chance it had the right dimensions.

The colours are very close to the original.


I only added two strips of fabric to keep the book firmly inside.




This is the bookcover panel.
And I made more - on the left you can see part of the postcard
I worked with.
The bookcover


The colours however are not at all like my panels. I can't get it









  1. Hi Anneliese,
    it is beautiful, I love it. You captured the colours so well. I think it is a pleasure now to have your book cover around :-)

  2. fabulous color and design. i love it. i go through my pile of old stuff every once in awhile and lo and behold i find something i can use.

  3. Wow! those are great Anneliese. I love the colours, and the stitching and design. You are one very clever lady.

  4. This is so Summery! Love it! xxx

  5. So beautiful Anneliese. The co,ours, the texture, everything. I love it all

  6. All is said yet, I can only add: really beautiful.

  7. These are gorgeous, Anneliese! LOVE the colours.


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