11 Feb 2015

It is February

In Karlsruhe

We walk to town - it is about 2,5 km. Here we are on our way back.

The trees are being cut every year

Another fabric bin with Chinese horses

Impression of what I am working on


Lace - hiding a seam with French knots and buttonhole stitches -

cross stitch letters.

Don't ask me what it is going to be - just a sample perhaps.



  1. Your white cloth is going to be beautiful, you never know what you might find to make with it. I love the chinese fabric you used for the square box. It must be very exhilarating to walk among such beautiful scenery.

  2. i took out some stitched cloth to make a basket but i haven't gotten there yet. it's on the list.

  3. Karlsruhe looks ready for spring! The Chinese horses have great company, and your work in white is so crisp and shiny. It reminds me of sunshine on fresh snow with some fallen camellia petals.

  4. Excellent work in white. Is it important what it will be? Just beauty...

  5. I love the white 'sampler'! and the FME lace peeking out of the corner. Beautiful light and shadow in the tree photo.

  6. These baskets are really useful to keep thing in place,isn't it? I love having them around my workroom. Love your white sampler especially the FME lace.

  7. Your white piece looks very interesting, Anneliese. Your walk looks very scenic. Love your scrap bin and cute horse.