6 Jan 2015

Utensilo - and a new class

My patchwork friend was so kind to send us

an instruction sheet -- thank you Edith -

we are in constant contact through our iPads

nothing better than that (we are four to chat and

exchange thoughts and everything of interest)

And I was not lazy and tried out if it works.

It did: I used embroidered swatches for the sides.

There are four pockets inside - and four outside

It was very thick to sew. I did the lower rim by hand being unable to
sew it by machine.
The next one will be made of simple fabrics. ----------
I gifted myself with a class by Karen Ruane which will last twelve weeks
(how wonderful). It is called Swathed in Stitch which means in German
something like "Eingehüllt in Stich(en)"
We started with letters. Transferring letters onto strong paper
There will be stitches through the paper.
(Why did I make this photo black and white -heaven knows)
I was searching for letters in internet - Pinterest. There is an
enormous choice of different letters, beautiful ones - it could
become a passion to collect them.
I intend to dedicate this page to the word "Stitch".
The "H" is still missing here.
And you know I am making this all inbetween household and
nana naps and walks and coffee time with DH - I feel like a
juggler (Jongleur in German).
Newly ploughed field against the sun.
And our walk downwards and back to the car.












  1. Ah, but we are sooooo good at juggling .😁

  2. love your little basket. they are so handy to straighten up a messy desk or table. i have lots that are similar.

  3. can think of lots of uses for the basket, very nice. Not tried stitching on paper does it not tear

  4. gorgeous basket and you already know how much I love your letters!!

  5. I LOVE your bag. It looks very useful with so many pockets. Pleased to see that you are finding some Craft time between juggling. Take care now. Marion x

  6. Love your little bag and the colours are lovely. Dianne made me a similar one without handles or pockets and is very useful to store "stuff".
    Do you have any snow yet...the plowed field looks cold.
    Women were born with all these invisible hands to juggle all we need to do.

  7. The bag you made and the material you used looks wonderful and so nicely done! Enjoy the class with Karen Ruane. The letters look very neat.


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