1 Jan 2015

2015 - Carpinus - Hainbuche

I shooted it from above, on a walk through
our park
Hainbuche - Carpinus - in winter - I added
some stars to greet you in 2015 -
and show you what I knitted these last days.
Do you remember? This was my cowl.
It was in November last year - which means 2013.
I did not wear it - it was too short to wrap it twice and
once around the neck it did not warm me - and for decoration
only - I did not need it.
So I spent an afternoon to unravel it. Complicated.
But I am patient.
And now look at my cap - a beret - a basque beret.
Just right for those cold days.

And now the slippers:
also good for cold days in a Swiss cabin (son and family) ---
you remember certainly:
My son's legs trying on the slippers.

What's going on in my studio?
From Monday January 5, I am in a class of Karen Ruane - Swathed in Cloth.
Oh, I am looking forward to this and I am sure I can show you this and that.


  1. love those stars not a clue how you did that. Lots of knitting going on and the unpicked neck warmer has made a lovely beret and the slippers look so cosy and warm

  2. The beauty with knitting is that you can unravel and knit something different - the ultimate recycling.

  3. i find unraveling knitting very meditative....but i don't do it often. love those slippers.

  4. You turned the cowl into an elegant baret! Happy New Year!

  5. And into the new year, as you mean to go on :-) Well done,

  6. Great idea to use the neck wrap tomknit a nice beret. The slippers look lovely and warm.
    Your new year stars are very pretty

  7. Oh great pictures. Enjoy Karen's class, such fun! Xx

  8. I REALLY wish I could knit!! I've tried so many times but can never get the tension right and I'm HOPELESS with patterns! your beret and socks are gorgeous - maybe I'll try knitting yet again :-) Thank you for the inspiration! Shroo:)xx


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