19 Jan 2015

Tree on Hill - and cross stitch battle

After two days of rain and many more before without sun we made a walk in
the hills not far from home
We loved to see this lonely tree. ---

And all afternoon I did cross stitches - letters - over waste canvas
The method is good to get regular stitches - but to pull out the threads is

Letter "C" is in process of being freed - the "T" will be next.

I damp stretched it - and also it looks like the red thread bleeded it didn't.
It must be the shade or what ever. Damp stretching is fantastic and thanks
to Karen Ruane I know about this method of not ironing the embroidery but
stretch it with pins and moisten it and wait over night.

This was my first try - home-dyed pinkish-red thread.
It destroyed my letters T and S - So I started a new piece.


  1. Love the tree!
    The initials are great - bleeding thread is a pain sometimes and sometimes a fun diversion. I am working on a tutorial for dyeing with bleeding thread - so save that handdyed thread and see what you might do with it later this month on the ... and then we set it on fire ... blog.

  2. Oh, I love Diane's view that bleeding thread is a fun diversion! The initials are beautifully stitched, and damp stretching really works.

  3. I want to see what Dianne does with bleeding thread too. You are very good to do the letters all over again. I would have just bought a product called "runaway" which we can get here to remove the bleeding from the thread.

    That is a wonderful photo of the single tree.