21 Oct 2014

Tast 134 - Fern Stitch

Wonderful - Tuesday arrives and with all regularity a new

stitch of Sharon: It is the fern stitch - no. 134

First row in green - straight and counted

In the second row I tried a movement and overstitched

it with orange.

Fern stitch in three colors
This is stitched on my band sampler. But from now on I will also

follow Mary Corbets advice and try out all my stitches

on a piece of fabric - 25 x 25 cm - the Tast stitches I get from

Sharon or others which I find on blogs.

Mary Corbet has fantastic stitches, too.

It will be a great mixture of colors - I love colors.


Fern stitch and a bit of the triple chain

I can use this piece of free embroidered fabric as a bookcover -

a pillow case - or fit it into a wall-hanging, or or or ... store it

...in one of my drawers!

Below: A sight of the Karlsruhe castle

They did a lot of painting and roof repairing

those last months. And guilding of the balconies.

It is looking beautiful and

it holds a museum.




  1. I like your overstitched Fern Stitches!
    By the way, I think Mary Corbet has removed her Fern stitch from her video tutorials. Or did you find it?

  2. oh....nice castle. i always refer back to Mary Corbet's videos when i forget how to do a particular stitch. the fern stitch is one i used a lot in the past.

  3. you are good keeping up with Sharon and her tast very good example of the stitch and a good idea to use it to make something if only to keep in your drawers!


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