18 Oct 2014

My best tool

Autumn in the park in Karlsruhe


Do you ever have something to turn inside out?

Then get immediately in touch with your surgeon

if you know any (hopefully not)

a mother of a doctor (in my case) or with a nurse and

ask her for these kind of scissors -

But these are no scissors to cut fabrics or paper - no, no - they are

nippers and you can pinch something with them. I hope I got

the name right.

They pinched and held many times - I don't want to imagine what

when they were in the hand of a surgeon in their former life


Look at the little hook at the tip - it can very well hold fabric

when you have to turn narrow things - here I use them to

create a new dottie doll. You go inside the sewn shape,

grap a little bit of the fabric and pull and there it is - turned in a second.

I turned the little house, too, which I copied from

Kim Kruzich - I found it on Pinterest - pattern


A new pin cushion? Or what? Or for the drawer?

For a door knob? Or for the cat to play with.... there is a bird at the bottom.

Some day an occasion will turn up to give it away.










  1. That is very hand anneliese, i have some but without the little hook. Mine just has serrated sides on the tips that lock together to hold blood vessels..i think they are called clamps but i think they might do the same thing i will have to try . Thank you for the hint....by the way i bought mine new from a chemist so no blood has been on them:-):-):-)

  2. what a beautiful autumn tree you have shared with us. Must ask Helen about those scissors but do not think she has any shame! Such a cute house, far too nice to stick pins in or for cats to claw at but a door handle would be a fine place to hang it

  3. That is a neat tool! I wonder what it has turned inside out before your dolls and houses! By the way the doll and house look nice!

  4. I would say a door knob, or a cupboard knob, where you can see it all the time :-)

  5. such sweet little turned things. i think what you used to turn we call a hemostat. i have one that i used to use when making dolls.it does come in handy.

  6. I have something similar, they are called 'Spencer-Wells forceps'.
    My first job as a trained nurse was on a medical ward and the Sister there, took me to one side and said, take these,always have them in your pocket, they are so useful.
    The years went by and I forgot to put them in my pocket but, discovered other things outside of nursing that they were useful for - like turning things out, gripping and pulling rawl plugs from the wall (the plugs that help the screws get a 'bite' into the wall), grabbing something from the back of the sofa etc etc. If I ever lose them, I'll be lost without them lol!

  7. So nice little things.
    Oh ja, so ein Werkzeug kann eine echte Hilfe sein. Ich selbst habe leider keines.


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