25 Oct 2014

This time with beads

The next Tast stitch - just beads added to the fern stitch

it is stitch no. 135 of Sharon's Tast stitches

I made it with fil a broder in green - if you wish to give it a try go

to Pintangle

Next photo: This is my stitch cloth.

Triple chain, fern stitch, and beaded fern stitch


with another sample of beaded fern stitch.

And I am making other stitches, too.

Double knotted herringbon stitch

This double knotted herringbone stitch is shown

by Mary Corbet in her "Stitch Fun": Two rows of

back stitches are connected with knotted herringbone

stitches. She is giving a very good and detailed tutorial.

You will find it here.










This was today - we on bikes in a calm landscape. The light

brown stripe is a field of corn not yet harvested.




  1. What a beautiful day you had!

  2. The Beaded Fern stitch would make a beautiful Christmas decoration, don't you think? Your stitches are all so neatly made!

  3. oh i just love those beads. they look like fruit on the vine good enough to eat.

  4. very nice Anneliese I do like the colour of beads you have used here they go so well together,

  5. The colour of the beads caught my eye as well, in fact the overall effect of the stitches and colours on the cloth is really eye catching. I always enjoy your work anneliese.


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