24 Jul 2014

Chained bar - 122 and Woven Chained bar 123 - and a basket

I proofed to be very patient with this stitch - it took me long

About three cups of coffee......

You see the last row - it consists of actually three rows.
The layered threads which are oversewn by first zig-zag
chain stitches - and the name for it is chained bar (122)
They are then woven resulting in the woven chained bar - stitch no. 123.
And the new basket .....
It took me half as long as the above Tast stitch ---- (joking)
No, really it doesn't take very long to sew it - if the machine
is not playing a dirty trick.
I like to show the backsides !




  1. just came over to see if you had posted and it looks like you just did. i loooove your basket. i've been wanting to make some more. haven't done that in a while. such beautiful colors.

  2. tast stitches are looking good and the basket is lovely, the colours really are nice here

  3. Good show! Love your basket and I bet it did not take as long as weaving all those chain stitches. They look nice but do take time.
    Don't forget to do some stitching on July 30th, International Embroidery Day.

  4. The colours in this basket are my favourite. It is beautiful. I like your chained bar stitch you are so inspiring with your stitches.

  5. three cups of coffee and a beautiful basket....it's a win win!


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