28 Jul 2014

Dotee Dolls - but also a book

Dotee Dolls ---- I saw it on Annet's (fatquarter) Flickr dia show !!

And I was at once delighted. Here is the link:


(please copy the link - I am not able to set it in myself)

Annet, thank you so much for being my inspiration -

also for many another thing

I will only mention pulled threads! I ordered a book that

Annet also mentioned in one of her posts - it arrived and

it will make everything clear about pulled threads.


But now the dolls.....

DD1 is a bit sleepy and not so happy - being the first-born

DD2 looks more like an animal, a hairy one - it will undergo

a change soon. It needs no necklace and I will brighten up its face.

Now DD3 is a happy one - happy being on earth and
hanging in a bush.





  1. love the dotee dolls, will have to scroll through Annet`s flickr and find them, fingers crossed there are instructions. I too have that book Anneleiese but it is a very long time since it came off the shelf and I seem to remember mine had a yellow cover. Look forward to seeing what you do from it. Have seen nothing recently from your class with Sharon think that might be what you are using the book for,

  2. Looks like you enjoy the serious (pulled thread) and the whimsical in the needle arts. Have fun.

  3. those dotee dolls are very tempting. they are so expressive.

  4. *lol* they are so nice. Nice how you descibe them.

  5. Oooh I love those cute dollies especially no. 3. The pulled thread book looks interesting. You will get heaps of inspiration from that.

  6. Fun to see these dotees, I didn't make one in a long time! Great you found the pulled thread book. I see you have an old version, I have a new Dover version, but the inside looks the same. I'm looking forward to see what you're going to stitch from it.

  7. The photos of the dottee dolls did not come up , but the book is the same as mine inside but is a cream cover. I like the design on your cover. I can see you getting addicted to this technique as I did.


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