18 Jul 2014

So much rain - it was last week ....

Now we are in a wave of lheat - but I will post this photo, nevertheless.

A short ride on the bikes between two showers

The pastures are flooded - it will drain very soon

Did you ever see such wonderful braids - seen on a craft's fair in Lure, France,
the town near which we are renovating a house, buying our material and
stuff to eat.

Very strong backsides, aren't they?



  1. This is how I would look from behind if I were a horse. LOL. Someone has done a wonderful job on the braids. The heat should now dry your countryside out.

  2. Those braids are so pretty!

  3. so much rain, here we are expecting storms but so far they have not arrived. Was not expecting backsides when you mentioned braids, thought you were sharing some braids you have bought in the market

  4. It's too bad that the horses don't appreciate the beauty and time it took to make those braids. Lovely photos.

  5. Indeed! Lovely braids and backsides!
    Are the horses Percherons? If I've spelt that correctly?

  6. If only my ponny tail could be as stylish! It is hard to braid one's own hair at the back of the head.
    I hope the weather will be sunny and pleasant, instead of too much heat and rain.

  7. If I were a horse I would have a backside like this for sure LOL. It was a very patient person who did the braids -so pretty. The countryside should be nice and green now after the rain.

  8. Looks like you had so much rain, and it is very green. I am very envious of those beautiful braids.

  9. we have also has a lot of rain, we have also had very ice but very hot weather sparking storms. We had thunderstorms during our garden party on Saturday. It's good thing someone thought to hire a marquee....

  10. The horses are so beautiful with their wonderfully braided tails. They look well fed and well looked after.

    Home again after my little sojourn.


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