15 Jun 2014

Sunset in blue

Today the sea in blue 8:30 pm
Isn't that charming (Hvar)

And my newest Tast stitches
Long tail chain stitch versions
On top the Long Tail Chain stitch versions:
plain - beaded - whipped and scattered

Bullion Vandyke stitch and beaded Vandyke stitch, 116 117
Bullion Fandyke stitch in brown
Beaded Vandke stitch in blue
and a combination of plain beaded and bullion Vandyke stitches
Tast stitches 116 and 117


  1. You always find some very charming places to photograph. Thank goodness you are doing the stitches, lets me feel I'm still a part of the SAL ... I am mostly in the garden these days with the little dog. I have one piece I am working on slowly. Another needs stretching.

  2. gorgeous stone storefront....and your stitches get more beautiful each time.

  3. Charming blue scenery in Hvar.
    I envy you your neat Bullion Vandyke stitches! Mine turned out awful!

  4. a wonderful photo Anneliese, good to see you are keeping up with your stitching whilst enjoying your holiday

  5. Beautiful photos Anneliese! Nice stitch variations, too. i haven't been doing TAST this year.......

  6. Wow I have never seen the bullion van dyke stitch before. Your version is done very well Anneliese. The blue sunset - divine!


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