24 Jun 2014

Pulled stitches - a new love

My pulled threads are beginner's stitches
Annet told me where to find a little tutorial on her blog

Annet's blog was a great help (here)

I might turn it into a little pillow for lavender - back at home.

This is a vacation work.


Boys talking in the café - girl taking snap shot and stitching afterwards at home.

See our bikes? Newly painted in red and white

mine with the spiral squares crocheted seat cover of last year



  1. Although you say you're a beginner your stitches are beautiful:-)

  2. Great idea to make a log cabin embroidery! I'm glad my tutorial helped you.

  3. Your pulled thread work is wonderful Anneliese.I discovered a few years ago it can be very addictive.try googling Schwalm work. It incorporates the pulled thread and is beautiful and satisfying work.

  4. your pulled work looks very good, such a relaxing kind of embroidery to stitch I find. How fit you both are, I have not ridden a bike for at least 30 years!

  5. oh beautiful. i will check out Annet's tutorial.

  6. I love pulled thread embroidery. I am sure you know about Schwalm :-)
    But there are others..

  7. I could tell you were falling in love! Your sampler does not look like a beginner's piece so I think you are really getting the hang of it. Bikes look smart in red!


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