12 May 2014

What's new?

Nothing, this is an old post which you probably saw already.

I had to remake it because some photos didn't show.

So I had to trick out the computer (because I don't know it better)

What's new? - Gibt's was Neues?

I am taking part in SharonB's class - Sumptuous Surface Embroidery -
We don't use any threads in the first week - but make a sketch and design
of what we want to fill with stitches. Emphasis is laid on the negative space
which in my sketch will be the leaves of an Eukalyptus tree which is our
shade on the terrace of our summer vacation at the Adriatic Sea.

Ich habe mich zum Kurs von SharonB Australien, angemeldet, der zum letztenmal stattfindet:

Sumptuous Surface Embroidery.
Ich musste das Wort sumptuous x-mal nachschauen, bis ich mir schliesslich merken konnte, dass es "üppig" heisst.
A first try to create a design - I want it the other way round.b
Übertragung vom Transparent-Papier - aber falsch herum


That's the right one.

I took this photo 4 years ago - and changed it to black and white
and coloured it. There are so many leaves and branches which I will have to ignore.
So will ich es haben - Auf dem Originalfoto ist natürlich ein Gewirr von Blättern und
Ästen - aber das werde ich nicht übernehmen können.

And what I will be making during our summer vacation (under the Eukalyptus tree):
Vorbereitung für meine Ferienarbeit unter dem Eukalyptusbaum:


While I am writing this post ....... our April weather in May
is surprising us with a break of the rain and a rainbow.
View from our living room.
Während ich an diesem Post schreibe, überrascht uns der Mai mit Aprilwetter,
einer kurzen Regenpause mit Regenbogen. Der Regen hat uns zweimal erwischt.
Blick aus unserem Wohnzimmerfenster.










  1. Great sketching!
    The new piecing work looks interesting. Great to work on outside in the summer.

  2. not sure how I missed this post , what lovely sketching. Love the elongated hexies, I bought a template to make some of these, must start on them. A beautiful rainbow


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