13 May 2014

Der Kerl in unserem Garten - the guy in our garden

He is looking somehow troubled - it might be our weather in

the wonderful month of May. It is a face on our poplar tree - which is too large for the garden

but cannot be cut by ourselves.

Er sieht so verdammt sorgenvoll aus - wegen des Wetters im Wonnemonat Mai? Die Pappel

in unserem Garten, zu gross um von uns gefällt zu werden.



  1. I love the guy in your garden. Too bad he has to go. Poplar is nice wood, maybe he can become a table in your house?

  2. that is a very big tree!! and now you're in F????

  3. I guess there is now way you can cut that tree!

  4. I love tree trunks, good to see I am not the only one that photos them! Will be a shame to remove it but if it is too near the house it will have to go, will make good fire wood too.

  5. Anneliese that is amaaazing i can see the mans face


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