2 Apr 2014

What's going to be a pillow....

The class is going on..
(see my previous post and here )

I am using bullion knots

I hear you shouting: One is missing --

Yes, it was too late to do another one.

House renovation is France is also going on.

(from France)



  1. you are working at a pace with this one Anneliese. When you are in France I do not get your blog posting coming up on my blogger dashboard odd So that might be why you do not get the comments the same as when in Germany.

  2. lovely Anneliese - I did not shout one was missing - I though it was just beautiful the way you had left the open space!!! beautiful bullions!

  3. i've been having a hard time keeping up with everyone's posts lately. i love how your pillow is progressing. i'm so loving making these little pillows and already have the next one planned in my head.


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