31 Mar 2014

I am in a class....


.......by Karen Ruane click

The class is working on "Pillows and Pages" ---

up to now without the pages - just sewing and stitching.

These are my fabrics (I had to take a choice with me to France -

in boxes - as I always do - when DH is renovating the farmhouse)

But I saw now that I would need a greater choice

for several pillows...... so this will be for later.

This is my start....

I am adding prairie points


I was too fast and cut two holes instead of one.

I like mending, haha. It does not matter for it is on

the backside.


Look at this - isn't it just sweet? You might think that my points

are not symmetrical - I want them like that.

I used bullion knots at the large yellow circle on the right

and interchanged chain and feather stitch at the small circle.

(I am actually in France)



  1. So far, I love what you have done, Anneliese. Loving those cute points.

  2. This is going to be a wonderfully creative adventure for you Anneliese. I will look forward to seeing your progress.

  3. not sure if my comment got through so will redo it! Looks an interesting course, like the idea it is only 3 weeks but no I have resisted. Like the circular pillow with the points,

  4. yes...you are in class!! and you are creating some beautiful work. I hope France is being good to you....

  5. Oh, this will be fun! Love those bullions.


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