3 Apr 2014

Again two more stitches

Stitches 106 and 107 Cretan Looped and Beaded Cretan looped
these are my new Tast stitches which we got this week from SharonB
at Pintangle. The blue ones.....
I must tell that I had difficulties with them and undid the beginnings
several times. But now they are as they are.


  1. They are lovely I especially like the addition of the beads.

  2. you might have had a problem but the blue ones look fine now along with the others, these will also be good on my crazy blocks, will be starting April`s next week so will have to have a practise

  3. they look pretty good to me and I love the addition of the beads too!

  4. Oh, I have so many stitches to catch up on! Beautiful work, Anneliese.


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