10 Apr 2014

Spiral in nature and a sewn wire-mesh

....how Thuja is growing - wonderful - in circles - one branch -

It is a beauty near our terrace (Thuja occidentalis)



and how I am mending a burnt hole in an old work T-shirt

Mended hole behind a wire-mesh

I think this is very funny and made me laugh when I saw

it again after some time.



  1. wonderful, improvisational mending!

  2. i can see your darning was done with love!

  3. Love your creative mending :) Does the tree grow naturally like that or do you train it?

  4. Oh my gosh! That's the cutest repair job ever! It looks like something Anthropology would do - love it! xo

  5. had not heard or seen Thuja before. such an interesting spiral formation. love how you mended. the hole is surely trapped within that stitching.


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