9 Apr 2014

My next pillow and wild garden

I don't yet know how I will go on with this one

It is Karen Ruane's class on Pillows and Papers.

My fabric stock is so limited at the moment. Two silk strips fastened with
running and buttonhole stitches.
The patterned fabric is no pure cotton, however, I like the colours.
I embellished it with many bullion knots, wrapping each one twenty times.

... and April can be wonderful in our "wild" garden -

rosé and yellow

blue sky and clouds and strong wind.

I am drying my laundry in the old fashioned way -

and supporting the clothsline with a long stick because the distance

house - tree is 20 m long

We call it luxury camping - it is the renovation

of an old house in France.



  1. love the start of your latest pillow....and so many pretty flowers growing.

  2. a delight Anneliese, can see you are really enjoying this class. I always dry my washing on a line, providing it is not raining of course! no fancy tumble dryers for me. Can be a problem in the winter when it is very cold, then the indoor maiden has to come out. your garden is looking lovely

  3. Love seeing this beginning of your class work. The gardens in France looks wonderful. How's the renovation coming along?


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