5 Apr 2014

Pillow, the first ....

I am in Karen Ruane's class and doing a lot of hand stitching

which means that my fingers are stitched, too.

It is the unstuffed pillow - four strips are sewn over

a little pocket to close it loosely

and there is another pocket on the side with the

black liberty prairie point.

I stuffed the little pin pillow

It is very soft and here lying on my

journal with all my notes about Karens tutorial.

I love how she calls it a "bundle of joy" --- it is!




  1. so delightful. will you make another?

  2. Ich hoffe Deine Finger heilen schnell wieder ab. Das Kissen ist sehr schön geworden.

  3. Sore fingers are worth it! Cute little pillow you have created. I must check out this lady's site. I am sure you have many other ideas for pillows running around in your head.

  4. it's a bundle of happiness and perfection too!!


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