25 Mar 2014

Do you remember ...

... that I made a korak quilt?
Well, it is finished now. It is small and a little askew ....

... when it is hanging on the wall.
But it is all handsewn -- except the joining of the border strips -
just once around and then again by hand.
With a very small rim in what looks like turqouise in the above photo
But it is green, it is the backside. You know by now that I love green.
Also those strips on the right are actually green, the sky was blue when I shot the photo.
Photo 4 and 5 are showing the proper colours.
The boss in the house likes to take photos in the sun. He wants the shadows to be seen.


  1. Your quilt is wonderful Anneliese. I love all the bright colours.

  2. oh i do love this korak quilt. i've only done a couple of small korak pieces but i did enjoy the stitching of it.

  3. Very nice Anneilese! I love green too. I really like the brilliant colours. Well done!

  4. Such a pretty quiilt! Lovely fabrics. ...und alles mit Hand genäht.
    LG Trillian

  5. this is delightful and to have done it all by hand some achievement good to see so much green in it my favourite colour too

  6. What a lovely piece, all the different greens are so nicely mixed. I love hand stitching, how did it take you to finish? I still have a long way in my small quilt which I started while ago.

  7. Wow, well done, Anneliese, it looks great!

  8. It's great, Anneliese. It came together well, so bright and cheerful.


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