11 Feb 2014

Celebrating a jubilee

Tast stitch no. 100 - Beaded Eastern Stitch
I made two wonky lines to make it a bit different. The yellow stitches
are made with perle 8. The red one with perle 5 and two larger
ones in between.
I nearly can't believe - every Tuesday a new stitch for two years.
Sharon of Pintangle.com started this stitch challenge on January 2, 2012
and this is the 100th one. Well, she will go on with it but not come out
with a new stitch every Tuesday anymore.
And it is ok to have breaks now and then. Learn more about Tast here


  1. My goodness, you have done so well, to keep it up! And I expect you have learnt so much from it :-) You deserve a break!

  2. Hi Anneliese congratulations on you're wonderful achievement - I have watched your stitching with interest all this time and feel I know you!

  3. I do like these stitches with beads in them, you are good as you have done all 100 stitches, I will catch up one day, hopefully

  4. congratulations Anneliese on achieving all your stitches. I wish I could have been as diligent with them. The whole Tast has been a wonderful experience for us all and we have learned so much from Sharon's generosity in sharing her knowledge.

  5. Yes, the TAST has been a wonderful initiative from Sharon B and we have made some fantastic stitching friends through it. Congratulations on achieving all the 100 - one day I will catch up with you.

  6. Well done, Anneliese. Don't you think time has passed very quickly? TAST is great and it has been such fun to learn all these stitches, I completed my 100th stitch today.


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