17 Feb 2014

It is normal .....

.... in February
although we thought there will be no inundation because there is no snow to melt.
But obviously it rained tremendously much.
I am standing on the bridge over the otherwise tame river Ognon.
It is three times as large now.

Alongside a very small road - yes, we are again in France.
Renovation will go on.
And I will again work on the Korak-piece.
Equalising the top - it is "patchwork" in the real sense.


  1. It seems the rain is everywhere :-(
    I really look forward seeing your Korak. After I made my first sample, I never went back to it to make more, but I should; it makes a change from normal patchwork.

  2. That is indeed what patchwork is all about and making do with what you have. The piece is looking beautiful, Anneliese. Glad your weather is on the normal side in France. Enjoy your stay there.

  3. It is looking very colourful, and will be lovely. So much water there. We are having rain today, and there has even been a small amount on my daughter's property. Not enough to be of great benefit to them, but it would be nice to think it is a start.

  4. wow...lots of rain. we are experiencing springlike days with temperatures in the 70s and 80s...quite unusual for this time of year. oh how i wish i had time to get back to korak. i love that your pieces are always so bright and cheerful.

  5. The weather seems extreme in every corner of the Globe.
    Your korak work is looking good.

  6. that is a lot of rain Anneliese so it is not all falling on Britain. The quilt is looking great, so cheerful with the colours you are using

  7. You have certainly had a lot of rain. It is good that it is now flowing out to the ocean.


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