20 Jan 2014

Knitting advances

The colour of my wool is lighter than in reality --- but the weather was fine and so is the light on the photo.

Armhole started.

It was like that - and we made our usual little walk to the cows

far away the French Vosges can be seen. The meadow can be flooded in March.

--- And 3 days later ----
.......it is like this --- January --- where is the snow we normally have?
Although I don't need it on the roads
This is the terrace of McDo (in France) - wet and gray skies.
(I took this on my new old iPhone - we are lucky to serve as dump of our son's old devices - for me it is totally new to take photos like that. I am a learner)
Now, back to the house to renovate..... DH of course only. I am responsible for the care of our bodily needs.
See you on another day.



  1. good to see you are in France again and DH is working on the house. Your knitting is coming along well, lovely shades of colour in the wool

  2. The colours and pattern on your knitting are divine! I planned to learn how to knit this summer but it hasn't happened yet. But I did some embroidery instead, a mostly new thing for me.

  3. Anneleise, thank you so much for the always lovely things you say about my work. I really appreciate it. I love the colour of your wool and as for snow, yes it's beautiful but not good for walking or driving.

  4. the patterning in that sweater is lovely. nice to see the streets where you are and the cows...i've always loved cows.


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