7 Feb 2024

Drawing and mini journal making

Yes, I can sew but not draw but nevertheless
or just because 
I am taking part in.....

Amy Maricle's prompts for "Slow drawing -
Draw yourself calm".
Not so much necessary for me but interesting
what the facebook group does.
Here the theme is: Ginko


"Lunaria" I have them abundant in our garden

I need lots of journals for my "output" these
are handmade - thanks to Youtube - I love 
diffent methods of binding. The green one
has the Coptic binding.

Another "Slow drawing" - named "Slugs"

A 5 day little workshop also with Amy Maricle
named "The smallest things" started on February 5, 2024

Theme below: Lines -1st day

Marks of your brushes - day 2

More to come 
Hopefully soon!

1 comment:

  1. You CAN draw! You have made fantastic journals and added beautiful drawings to them.